Parents: Why Kids Should Learn to Code

It Teaches Persistence

Life knocks us down sometimes, and getting back up is a skill all its own. Figuring out why a piece of code doesn't work, and the ensuing payoff when it works, enforces critical persistence skills in children and young adults.

It Improves Academic Performance

Coding is a unique blend of both the creative and analytical sides of the brain. It can help kids better visualize abstract concepts needed for mathematics, and provide them a new way to explore and tell stories.

It Helps Develop Problem Solving Skills

It's been said that knowing another language helps your brain look at problems differently. Coding is no exception to this, and empowers the brain to understand issues in a way it couldn't quite before (Constructionism - it's a fascinating look at how learners understand the world around them).

It Prepares Your Child for a Career

As technology continues to take over jobs once held by humans, more work is shifting towards the development and engineering side of the workforce. Understanding code and the role it plays is crucial for keeping up with the pace of the world.

Kids: What Each Email Contains

Different forms of coding as an example

Vetted Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Each week we round up a slew of tutorials, news, and other content that are vetted and reviewed for kid-friendliness. Weekly emails contain a curated list of tutorials and walkthroughs, along with a summary and notes about what age range they're good for and what skills they teach. We try to find a good mix of creative and mathematical tutorials, to ensure both sides of the brain have something to work with.

Inspired kids ready to learn coding

Inspirational Content

There's a lot of things to be inspired by in coding, both past and present. Each week I'll select something to review - it could be a story about a famous moment in coding history, a new app built by a kid, or an interview with a famous programmer who started when they were young.

Kids coding product recommendations

Recommendations for Products, Apps, Tools, Books and More

Given how wide of a field coding is, it can be intimidating to know what tools, apps, and other products your kid might need to learn. Each week we'll find a few items to review, and help you find what works well - all noted with age ranges, what core skill it's enhancing, and so on.

Kids coding news and updates

News and Updates

We all know how fast the news moves these days, right? It can be easy to miss out on news stories as a result. Each week you'll get a curated list of news related to kids and coding - maybe it's a kid who released a stellar app, or a new toolkit for messing around with Minecraft. Endless possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Should We Subscribe to You?

A very good question! I'd look at it like this: programming is a huge topic with a lot of different ways to cover it, and a lot of the programming and coding sites aimed at helping kids learn effectively silo what they're learning. I view this newsletter as supplemental material, aimed at showing children the wider world of programming in a safe, positive and approachable way.

My Child is [insert age here].
Are They Too Old for This?

Each email contains material that is suitable for all ages, but where possible notes what age range is recommended for a given tutorial, story, or link. As this newsletter grows, I plan on exploring bracketing age ranges so that, for example, someone who's 8-12 years old might get different material than the 12-16 year old.

Is My (or My Child's) Email Shared?

Absolutely not. You're free to sign up with whichever email you would prefer the newsletter go to, and rest assured that neither email is ever shared. I charge for this newsletter precisely to avoid ever having a conflict of interest regarding revenue or anything of the sort. No data should ever be resold, leaked, or given out.

Is There a Cancellation Policy?

Of course! If you aren't happy, you can cancel at any time.

Coding Awareness Helps Children Succeed

The goal with all of this is to help kids feel empowered with coding, especially as the world they're inheriting turns increasingly technical. We're always open to suggestions, comments, criticism and more - just send a support email. Feedback is critical to providing the right resources!

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