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Why Does This Exist?

Growing up, it felt like the internet was this wide open expanse that you could throw myself into and learn as much as possible.

Somewhere along the way, the internet... changed. Everything is a walled garden now, and every service trying to "teach kids how to code" seems mostly interested in them being in their platform and not really giving them the tools to go beyond those walls. It almost seems as if the expectation is that the school system would be their next step, but... look, I've been there, and that's really (rarely) the solution. These platforms have their place, but to learn this well you need a variety of sources.

This newsletter is our way of trying to provide the learning environment we had as kids, but in a safe and accessible way. The idea is to round up the good parts of the internet that a kid could use and learn from, and funnel it to them every week. Parents can rest assured that their kids aren't getting visually assaulted by the increasingly strange images, text, and audio that's pervading the web, and kids can look at coding as something beyond just making simple games and tricks.

We love feedback, so if you have any questions, concerns, comments or criticism, please send over an email and let's chat!


This is a space to ensure that credit is given to the people and services that help make the service what it is.

  • Some of the photos on the main page are from iStockPhoto. These photos change over time, so this may or may not apply.
  • Some of the vector graphics on the main page can be found over on Vecteezy. In pretty much every case they've been modified to suit this service better, but credit where credit is due.
  • The template for this site is a heavily modified variant of Editorial by HTML5Up.

Questions or Comments?

Any questions, comments, criticism or suggestions in regards to this policy can be submitted by sending a support email. Responses are generally sent back within 24 hours.

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